We recently upgraded some of our forms to digital versions. If you have any questions please call or email the main office.



Attendance or Schedule Changes

Request a permanent schedule change -or- let us know of a general attendance change: Illness, vacation, future appointment, etc. 


Medication Form

Fill out this downloadable PDF and bring with corresponding medication

Update Emergency Contacts, Pick-ups or Health Care Provider

Fill out this downloadable PDF and return to update your child’s record.

Sunscreen Permission Form

Fill out this downloadable PDF and return with labeled sunscreen

Certificate of Immunization Status

Upon Enrollment WA State Licensing requires all children’s files include a Certificate of Immunization Status. Please download and complete the Certificate of Immunization Status Form. If your household chooses not to have a particular vaccination series or follow a delayed plan due to medical, personal or religious preference; it is a state requirement that you complete an Immunization Exemption Form. This form requires additional a signature from your physician. Please contact the office to request an exemption form or for further clarification.