Much like gardening, baking and cooking activities are incorporated into curriculum! Not only do the children learn about the process of watching food evolve from seed to table; they take pride in their creations — enhancing their creativity and self-esteem. After many requests from Families, Blossom created a cookbook which includes tried and true children’s favorites!

We include organic whole wheat flours, non-hydrogenated ingredients and limit sugars by sweetening with honey or other alternatives. We strive to use organic produce when possible, including items from our gardens when available. Our goal as a Center is to avoid pre-made foods by using whole grains and beans in hearty casseroles, soups and breads. During meals and snacks children are encouraged to eat healthy portions. Our Dietary Manager will address special needs.

Blossom prides itself on providing a comprehensive nutritional program to support our developing children. We strive to use whole foods and ingredients. To ensure quality and nutritional value in every meal, our dietary manager cooks and bakes a great majority of our foods from scratch ingredients. As available Blossom will supplement foods grown on-site through student and family participation. Our philosophy views the process of growing, harvesting, preparing and sharing meals together as valuable learning experiences for all of Blossom Children.

Breakfast Time

What a treat! We are adding local berries into home baked blueberry muffins.

Breakfast Time (sample menu):

Monday - House-made granola & yogurt berry parfaits. 

Tuesday - German oven pancake with raspberry topping and bananas.

Wednesday - House-made baked scones, eggs and fresh cut melon.

Thursday - Cinnamon and apple oven-baked oatmeal, with cottage cheese and bananas 

Friday - House-made coconut pancakes with applesauce

1.1 Nutrition Page Lunch Pic.JPG

Lunch Time

This helper is prepping delicious organic carrots to add to our stew.

Lunch Time (sample menu):

Monday - Savory macarroni and cheese, peas, and tropical fruit.

Tuesday - Hearty ham & potato soup, with grilled cheese sandwiches and peaches. 

Wednesday - Tamali pie, green beans and pears

Thursday - Broccoli and cheddar quiche, grapes and mixed vegetables. 

Friday - Vegetable lasagna, steamed broccoli and grapes.

1.0 Nutrition Pg_Snack item picture.JPG

Snack Time

Harvesting from Blossom’s garden to make savory zucchini bread. Yum!!

Snack Time (sample menu):

Monday - Fresh vegetables with savory sunbutter dip.

Tuesday - House-baked trail bars.

Wednesday - Apple slices with cream cheese dip and gluten free crackers.

Thursday - Veggies with hummus dip and pita bread wedges.

Friday - House-baked pear bread and cheese sticks