When snow or icy conditions are predicted, we closely monitor the weather. Most often, decisions are made in the early morning rather than the night before to factor in the most current conditions. Our top concern is the safety of your children and staff. Just because public schools are closed does NOT mean we will close.

Blossom will record a message on our phone by 6:00 a.m. if we plan to close our doors or to open later. Please note that the Sunflower House itself -OR- the road to it may close. If so, we’ll block it off with cones & you’ll drop off at Blossom's main building.  

Remember the following on snow days:

  • As outlined in our handbook, we require parents to contact the office if arriving late. Email is preferred office@blossomchildcare.com. If parents don’t arrive at their scheduled time and haven’t contacted us, we can not guarantee a spot for their child. Much consideration goes into the safety of our teachers in staffing the center on snow days.
  • If running late, and missing breakfast is a possibility, please feed your child at home.  Snow days are very busy mornings and we can not accommodate an extended breakfast time.
  • Label—hats, mittens, boots, coats, scarves, socks & snowsuits. Bring extra socks and mittens. Children will want to experience the snow.
  • Expect the unexpected: although we do our best to maintain consistency, your child may be in a different classroom space with an unfamiliar teacher and some new faces. There may be alterations to the daily schedule as well.