Hello families!

Summer’s here, and many of you are opening up your children's closets and finding that last year’s summer wear doesn’t quite fit. As part of our school-wide commitment to stewardship, Blossom is looking at ways we can act as stewards not just of our campus, but of our community as a whole. While there are many different kinds of stewardship, one of the easiest, most accessible and just plain fun ways to do this is through a children's clothing swap!


On Wednesday, July 17th (Early learning campus) and Thursday, July 18th (Treehouse and Sunflower campus), we will be hosting a clothing swap from 4-6pm. We’re asking families to bring in any summer clothing they feel they don’t need any more two days prior to the event. This can include swimsuits, light cotton shirts or dresses, shorts, socks, water shoes -- any and all clothing is welcome, but preferably clothes that are in wearable condition and appropriate for a school environment.


Some of the clothing will be kept as extras for students at Blossom, but the majority will be donated to a local children’s consignment store called Little Bugs, in partnership with Lydia Place. Lydia Place is a local non-profit aimed at supporting homeless families in Whatcom County, and they’ve partnered with Little Bugs to the effect that families who qualify for Lydia Place’s services can get children’s clothing at no cost. 

Little Bugs is looking for:

-Lighter summer wear


-Baby gear


P.S. -- While we’re primarily focusing on children’s clothing, feel free to bring in some of your own summer wear! Clothing swaps are a great way to build community for kids and adults alike!